How does it work?

Once you have completed our sign up form, we will contact you and after a simple verification process, your new FREE fundraising platform will be created for you, using the details you provide during signup.

You will receive an email with your admin login details, including the url location of your new fundraising platform, your username and password.

Using this information, you can then login in to your new fundraising platform – and by following just a few simple steps you will be able to customize your new site – including incorporating your own logo, use your own colours and fonts – as well as adding in your chosen Charity logo, and text about who you are and why you are fundraising.

Once this is set up – you are ready to start fundraising!

You can manually set up fundraising campaigns yourself – but also other users can register onto your site to then add in their own fundraising activities. In the premium package users can even create their own teams.

Donations can then be made to the fundraising campaigns – and this money will go straight into your Paypal account to then be allocated to your chosen charity.

Reports are available to be downloaded which shows full donation information- including separate reports for Gift Aid.

In the premium package there is also the option to manually add any charity events that you may be organising – and sell tickets directly through the website.

What do I need to get started?

In order to get your new fundraising platform set up you will need the following:

  1. Copy of the logo you wish to use – the size needs to be 150px x 30px.

2. Copy of your chosen Charities logo – the size needs to be 150px x 30px

3. Your Paypal account email address – and if you require further integration you can also add in your Paypal token and API keys. PLEASE NOTE – these are optional – and it will work with just the Paypal address.

That’s it! There are other options you can change in the setup area – but these are all optional – and full guidance is given. See our explanatory video:

What are the fees?

moregiving is a software service that does NOT charge transaction fees, simply a monthly fee to use the service but in the current Covid-19 crisis we are providing the service FREE of charge. The service helps you to manage your charity fundraising in an efficient and cost-effective way and you can switch it on and off depending on how often used.

The only other fees incurred would be via the standard Paypal transaction fee.

How will my chosen charity receive the money donated?

Our fundraising platform has been set up to directly integrate with Paypal. All you need to start receiving donations, and pledges is a Paypal account. You just enter your relevant Paypal details into the Fundraising settings payment gateway area and then you are ready to start collecting donations on behalf of your chosen charity.

Additionally to help you keep track of donations, there is an option to download full donation reports, and separate reports for Gift Aid.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes – full technical support is given. You can either raise a support question from within your fundraising platform dashboard- or you can email us at: